Guide to integrate the firebase in your flutter apps

Credits: Myself

In this series of articles, I’ll help you integrate firebase into your flutter app to make it production-ready.

Adding the dependencies

Let’s start by adding the firebase dependencies to pubspec.yaml file. Scroll down to the dependencies section.

firebase_core: "^1.2.1"
firebase_analytics: "^8.1.1"

The first dependency is the core firebase dependency and I’ve included the…

In this article, I’ll help you write rules for role-based firestore access.

Credit: DNS stuff

I’ll try to explain this with an example so that you can easily understand when to use this method of authentication while you build your application.

As you’re just getting started with building android apps and I assume that you’ve set up everything like setting up the Android Studio IDE, downloading the SDKs and creating a brand new project. You can find a lot of tutorials and videos on how to do these boring things on the internet, let me skip that part.

Let me assume you’re an Android user, do you know that once you’ve allowed a third-party application the CAMERA and MIC permission they can potentially hear or watch you in the background? Yes, It can do it.

iOS14 Indicator

This feature made me excited and I started to find a way to implement this on my Android device too.

This app…

Recommendation Systems | ML

Recommendation systems are pretty common these days. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and other streaming platforms use these recommendation systems to suggest a movie that you might like to watch according to your previous watch history.

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