Google apps spotted with a partial Material You Redesign | Android 12

Google’s Material You will probably be stable for pixel phones really soon. Seems like product teams at google are working hard on redesigning the google apps like Google Photos, Meet, Drive, Gmail and Calender to fit into Material You design guidelines.

As spotted by Google Pixels (Telegram) the Google photos app got the redesign recently.

Google photos | Material You Design

After the update, you should feel the changes in mainly in navigation bar with a pill-shaped oval as the highlighter for the tab, larger and extended floating buttons, and usage of Google Sans font in the text for better readability, and dynamic color support.

Dynamic colors in the app uses Monet, a new theme engine introduced in Android 12 to extract colors from your wallpaper and generates a rich palette of pastel colors to adapt the app’s UI to your device wallpaper. Dynamic colors is considered as the most exciting feature of Android 12, as it makes all the app’s design to feel more personal for your device.

Google Drive | Material You

In each of these apps, Material You will also automatically adjust the contrast, size and line width based on app context and your preference. Any pre-existing color schemes, such as color-codes file types, folder colors, or in-app warnings, won’t be changed.

Google Calendar and Widgets

The new designs should roll out to all Google Workspace customers as well as G Suite Basic, Business and personal google account users. You can see a few sneakpeeks from the apps with Material You redesign.

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Aravind Chowdary

Aravind Chowdary

Mobile App Developer & Machine Learning Enthusiast

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