The 5 Best Tools for Android Developers (including some you don’t know)

Aravind Chowdary
4 min readMay 24, 2022


Android developer tools for 2022

A great app needs to looks and feel great. But developing a great app isn’t always easy and if you don’t use tools that help you simplify stuff then this gets way more harder to achieve.

So in this article, I’ll show you a few of the tools I use for myself to quickly and efficiently build android apps.


This tool helps you generate custom UI for android with a graphical interface.

This tool makes it very easy to write styles and UIs in xml for android applications. It works with other platforms like iOS and web too.

The one fallback is that the software is in chinese but the UI is pretty self-explainatory and you’ll not need any assistance.

Android Localize

This is an Android studio plugin which you can download directly from the plugin market store in the Android studio IDE.

You might find a lot of users of your application have their phone in their local languages and your app might not be in their language which effects their experience.

This plugin comes to your help, This tools makes it easier to localise your android app to multiple different languages.

It uses google translate to translate all the text used in your app as you define them in strings.xml file and translates them to all the selected languages and creates the localised string files for you.

You can either search for this in android studio or use the link below

POJO / Data Classes

If you usually use REST api services and you need to work with json responses, you might find writing the data classes in Kotlin by hand is so annoying and time-consuming.

This tools helps you with avoiding that waste of time and boosts your app development process.

Just paste the sample response from your api response json so that the tool knows how to design your data classes and click on generate.

If you still use java for your android projects (which you shouldn’t) you can use JsonToPojo to create POJO classes.


Many of you might already heard of Figma as it’s really good at what it does. I used to use Adobe XD for the design work for my apps but now I fully use and recommend to use figma.

Not just for the app designing, I use figma for mind mapping the idea before I make the app, also use it for designing the logo for my application.

It’s a multipurpose design tool and you can also collaborate with your partners building the project.


This is my preferred Git tool, which offers awesome UI and functionality is really good.

It gives a beautiful looking tree structure for the pull-requests and commits which makes it easy to understand the paths.

The software comes free with the Github Student developer pack and will enable all the features you might require in android development.

The newer versions of android studio has git integrated but it was always buggy atleast for me.

So that’s all for this one, I’ll keep updating when I find a few more tools that help me ship my apps faster until then stay tuned and don’t forget to clap if you find any of the above tools helpful, means a lot.

Thanks for reading till the end.