Let me assume you’re an Android user, do you know that once you’ve allowed a third-party application the CAMERA and MIC permission they can potentially hear or watch you in the background? Yes, It can do it.

You probably might have heard about the iOS 14’s privacy feature which shows a little dot indication when an application uses your device camera or microphone.

iOS14 Indicator

This feature made me excited and I started to find a way to implement this on my Android device too.

As the result, I successfully mimicked this feature to android with my app called SafeDot.

This app requires the Accessibility permission to check if camera or microphone services are open or being used by third-party apps or services.

It shows a green-coloured dot at the top corner of your device to indicated that your camera is being used and the orange-coloured dot for the microphone.

App also makes a log tree of usage which I call Access-Logs and presents you as a clean timeline. All these logs are saved on your device’s internal storage so you don’t need to worry about it.

SafeDot app doesn't collect or send any of your personal data as my primary goal is your privacy.

If you are still not sure and want an app with no INTERNET connection, then you have an option for that too.

If you liked the concept of it, why not give it a try!

Mobile App Developer & Machine Learning Enthusiast

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